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Krasnaya polyana

Krasnaya Polyana, the so called "Russian Courchevel", is the most sophisticated ski and snowboard resort in Russia that will host  2014 Winter Olympics. Located 80 km to the East of the Black Sea resort Sochi, the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana are famous for their long season due to the most consistent and extensive snowfalls in Russia that can even result in snow depths up to 7 metres what comes to be very deep according to the European standards.

A flight from Moscow takes more than 2 hours to the nearest airport in Adler that is around a 40 km. distance from Krasnaya Polyana where you can enjoy the Russian ski slopes in combination with the western hospitality standards. There are numerous mini hotels in the village and cozy bars that welcome the guests to have a rest after extreme sports activities. Heli-skiing, paragliding and snowmobiling are available for the most extreme requests.

Krasnaya Polyana's best slopes are located in the northern part of the Aibga Ridge with around 4km in length and over a 1200m in height. The longest run is no less than 13km in length; there are many new elevators in development and in anticipation for the Olympic Games the ski and snowboard tracks are being extended drastically. Due to the outmost developments for the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games the ski slopes, transport connections and accommodation are constantly being improved that makes the resort more attractive to enjoy your vacation.



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