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Media in Russia


Media in Russia has undergone significant changes during the last decades, resulting in more than 330 television channels, more than 25,000 newspapers and magazines, over 2,300 radio programs and around 400 news agencies offering communication services today.


Television is the most popular as well as the most influential media in Russia with around 80% of the population watching the national channels broadcasting talk shows, series, entertainment programs, famous sitcoms, etc.


Satellite television is very popular in Russia and is offered by the majority of the hotels, so English speaking travelers can find a variety of channels according to their preferences: CNN, BBC, Discovery, Euronews and Bloomberg. Russia Today is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which delivers latest news and current events from around the world.


Russian radio is diverse, due to different time zones covering the territory of the country, there are more than 2000 radio channels with the majority of them being musical ones and the most popular among the people of various tastes: rock, pop, jazz, classical music, etc.. The nationwide channels are broadcasting in Russian, still Voice of Russia broadcasts in English and other languages.



The press in Russia is an important source of first hand information as regards to the political and economic situation of the country and abroad. There are over 400 daily newspapers keeping people up-to-date with the latest news. One can notice that Russian people read everywhere: on the way home or to the office travelling by any means of transport, sunbathing on the beach or while drinking coffee. Russians never miss a chance to read the latest news. Most newspapers and magazines are printed in the Russian language, however, there is a small choice of the media printed in English, such as The Moscow Times, The St.Petersburg Times, The Moscow News.


The Russian telecommunications market is the largest one in Europe due to the size of its population. It is difficult to assume it to be homogenous due to the concentration of wealth in the west. Svyazinvest, the holding company for Russia's telecom operators, continues to dominate the market. The Russian cellular mobile communications market is currently in dynamic progress closely following the world leaders, being one the most attractive segment of the country's telecommunications sector to invest.


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