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The Gaidar Forum 04.11.2016 05:35

The Gaidar Forum provides a unique intellectual platform and a meeting point for theorists and practitioners, the world leading scientists and politicians and influential representatives of global financial and business elites. Every year the leaders of economic thought, Nobel Prize laureates, top professors of leading global universities (such as Harvard, Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and representatives of Russian political establishment come to Moscow and gather at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The Forum hosts all those people who can determine the global world order with their advanced achievements in economic science and influence social and economic development of regions and states. In the Russian media the Gaidar Forum has built a solid reputation of "the Russian Davos Forum", as in terms of the status of its participants and experts it is one of the top world economic conferences. As for foreign guests, this Forum provides them with an important source of information on the key trends in Russia’s social and political development and on the state of its business environment and acts as an investment climate barometer. As for domestic experts, participation in this Forum helps them outline perspectives for Russia’s further economic growth and integration into global economy.

The Forum provides a regular platform for events of different levels and scales: plenary sessions, expert roundtables and panel discussions. Among the Forum moderators are high-profile politicians and influential experts: Russian government officials, representatives of regional authorities and leading domestic and foreign economists. One of the key features of the Forum is that it actively engages students and young researchers as participants of discussions and speakers. The final day of the Forum is traditionally devoted to the presentations by the representatives of the younger generation.

The Forum discussions usually focus on the most acute current challenges, with a special emphasis on the issues connected with understanding of Russia’s place and strategic role in the world. 

The Forum’s goals are:

  • to attract leading international scientists and practitioners to a collaborative discussion of economic and political issues;
  • to maintain a non-stop expert dialogue on key political and economic matters;
  • to reflect major trends and key national and global economic and political events;
  • to elaborate strategic proposals and recommendations on national economic development;
  • to secure Russia’s solid position on the intellectual economic world map and its status of the important center for global discussions at the highest level.

In 2013 the Forum gathered a record audience in the course of three days of its work: over 3,500 participants and 250 experts from 38 countries. Among the Forum guests were the Nobel Prize laureate in Economics Robert Mundell, Director of the Development Prospects Group at the World Bank Hans Timmer, Vice President of the World Bank Otaviano Canuto, Director-General of the World Trade Organization Pascal Lamy, Director of Global Indicators and Analysis with the World Bank Group Augusto Lopez-Claros and Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Angel Gurria. The Forum was opened by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

In 2014 the Forum took place on January 15-17 and was dedicated to one of the most important modern challenges – sustainable development. The conference “Russia and the World: Sustainable Development” addressed such topical issues as: economic growth in the context of global changes, its potential and possibilities for efficient management, the risks of innovative entrepreneurship, the new industrialization, contradictions of resource economies and controversial consequences of modernization for economic, social and political development of society.nt. 

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